Poland. Carlsberg/Okocim increase market share

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Carlsberg Polska, the third largest player on the Polish beer market, increased its market share in terms of volume by 2.3 p.p. to 17.6% in the 12 month period ending on August 2011, according to CEO Jacek Pastuszka. Only four out of the 10 largest beer brands in Poland succeeded to sell more, over that period, three of which (Harnas, Kasztelan and Okocim) belong to Carlsberg group.
Effective marketing and the development of distribution in areas where the company’s beers were previously not well represented were mentioned as key factors for the success. The success story might very well continue, as Carlsberg is planning to increase production capacity ahead of 2012, when it will be the official sponsor of Euro 2012, to be held in Poland and Ukraine.
Kompania Piwowarska the Polish subsidiary of SABMiller, the largest player on the market, is expecting to report results on 20 October 2011. The second player, Grupa Zywiec, informed that their market share remained on the level of the previous year, according to spokesperson Sebastian Tolwinski. The share was at about 31% in January-August 2011.
The Polish beer market is expected to grow by about 2% volume wise in 2011. In the August 2010-July 2011 period, sales increased by about 0.6% to 25.75 million hl. Such numbers do not include sales at gas stations and gastronomy, according to Nielsen data.