China. Interest in imported beer continues unabated

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The import volume of beer to China increased by 42.5% and amounting to 4.24 mln. liters in October 2015. These figures confirm the tendency of rapid growth of the market share of imported beer that dates back to 2014 continues unabated today.

In the period from January to October 2015 deliveries of beer from abroad increased by 62.3% to 473.2 mln. liters. During the same period last year this figure amounted to 291.5 mln. liters.

This situation is mainly due to changes in taste preferences of Chinese youth. Today the foreign product is slightly more expensive than domestic premium, but often has a more pleasant mild flavor, and a convenient and attractive packaging. The image of imported brands is also of great importance.

The rising trend in volumes of foreign deliveries has continued for 2 years. Thus, the import of beer in 2014 increased by 85.3%. If in 2013 China bought 182 mln. liters, in 2014 the volume increased to 339 mln. liters.