China. Half a bottle of Harbin

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On 8 January, Lee Chang and his friends harbinhad a rest in a hotel in the Zhangdian District of Zibo in Shandong Province and found that he bought a pack of beer with a partially-filled bottle of «Harbin Wheat Kin».

At first he thought that the bottle is damaged, but examining it, he found that the beer was in its original untouched packaging, the top was intact. The administration of the restaurant, where the beer was bought, has refunded money.

The rharbin1estaurant manager was unable to contact the supplier of Harbin Brewery in Zibo. On the hotline of brewing company Lee was assured that he would get an adequate compensation, but they could not explain why the bottle was partially filled.

This is not the first case in Harbin Brewery Company. In September 2012, Miss Yue found in the package just two partially filled bottles of beer of Harbin production. Then, the brewery did not give a clear answer too.