Beer production in Kazakhstan to decrease by 3.3% in 2015

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According to data of the State Statistics Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the production of beer in the Republic of Kazakhstan has decreased by 3.3% to 47.394 million decalitres by the end of 2015. Despite the reduction, this dynamics is better than in Russia (-5%), Ukraine (-20%), Belarus (-6%) and China (-4%).

During the year, the pace of development of the industry was uneven. The first and fourth quarters showed a good growth, however, in the second one there was a substantial decline, which has led to a negative dynamics by the year-end.


While the decrease in production starting from April 2015 could be explained with the deterioration of the economic situation and weather conditions, the increase in November and December was probably due to new requirements to beer producers.

From January 1, 2016, it is prohibited to produce alcoholic products without the equipping of technological lines by control accounting meters. An exception is made for microbreweries the production capacity of which is less than four hundred thousand decalitres per year. It is evident that producers wanted to load the warehouses of distributors, avoiding possible failures in the accounting system starting from the beginning of 2016.