Beer Business #2-2021. Kazakhstan beer market: bigger, more complex and more expensive

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Kazakhstan beer market is still growing by volume and value. The consumers’ demands are gradually becoming more complex, there is the market polarization by price and taste segments as license, canned, strong and mild beer popularity is growing. Eye catching new products have a big impact on companies’ positions in the situation of limited advertising. Following sizable investments into Carlsberg Kazakhstan and considerable increase in the company market share, there has been a balance settled between the leaders in retail sales and the share of Perviy pivzavod has grown.


Beer Business #3-2019. Brewing industry in Kazakhstan 2019

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During the first half of 2019, the majority of Kazakh brewers made their contribution into positive dynamics. Yet it was companies of the lower division, not the two transnational leaders that raised their production and sales. The shares of draft beer and aluminum can which is rapidly squeezing glass bottle out of the market, have been growing. The price segmentation has remained stable despite the substantial rise of retail prices and fluctuations of brand market shares, while the borders between segments have become blurred. The main events in the industry have been: the announced revision of the beer excise policy, launch of BeerKhan brand in the strong beer segment, and most important – purchasing assets of Shymkentbeer by Arasan. (more…)

Kazakhstan beer market analysis #1-2016

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In 2015, brewers of Kazakhstan cut the production by 3% to 47.7 mln dal of beer. The dynamics of beer production was very uneven throughout the year. The second quarter of 2015 was a disaster for all Kazakh brewers. And in the fourth quarter, in November and December, the production grew unexpectedly. Such fluctuations are difficult to explain with market reasons. That is why we tried to analyze even the impact factors that run beyond the frames of the official statistics.

Carlsberg Kazakhstan announced the results for the year 2015

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In 2015, the Kazakhstan beer market has not grown. But the share of Carlsberg Kazakhstan on the Kazakhstan beer market showed a steady positive growth trend and amounted to 33.2% by volume, which is 3.2% more than at the end of 2014. (more…)

Beer production in Kazakhstan to decrease by 3.3% in 2015

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According to data of the State Statistics Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the production of beer in the Republic of Kazakhstan has decreased by 3.3% to 47.394 million decalitres by the end of 2015. Despite the reduction, this dynamics is better than in Russia (-5%), Ukraine (-20%), Belarus (-6%) and China (-4%). (more…)