China. Heineken has opened a new brewery with a capacity of 300,000 tons

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The official launch of the new brewery Heineken Ltd Jiashan took place on 4 February. The launch of the new brewery is important not only for Zhejiang Province but for China as a whole.

Heineken is the first foreign company which was allowed to build a brewery in the province. The projected capacity of the brewery is 300,000 tons per year. In the first stage, right after the launch, the brewery will be loaded only half and will produce 150,000 tons of beer per year.

Jiashan administration provides unprecedented support to the company, including employment, taxation, and transport communications.

Heineken (Zhejiang) Ltd. is the third branch of the corporation in China after breweries in Guangzhou and Hainan.

According to Chen Chunyang, General Manager of Heineken Asia Pacific Breweries in the East China region, the brewery used the best European technologies. All raw materials are also imported from abroad. This is likely to keep the quality and taste characteristics of Heineken beer.

The construction of the brewery is a part of the company’s strategy. In 2016, the company will keep on conquering the market of premium beer in China and responding to the increased demand for high-quality beer.