China. The decline in the brewing industry had a direct impact on the income of brewers

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The noticeable decline in production that began in 2014, could not affect the income of brewers. Although in absolute terms the sales revenue showed a negative growth only in 2015, the dynamics of its change does not make them happy.

After showing a growth of 28.54% in 2011 and 14.37% in 2013, the sales revenue reduced the rate of growth and last year fell by 1.82% compared to 2014.


It is noteworthy that until 2013 the growth rate of sales revenue took the lead over the growth rate of total profit, and then the situation had changed. Despite a general trend towards a reduction of the rates of income change, the growth of total profit exceeds the growth in sales revenue.

The year of 2015 has brought not only a negative index of the growth rates in sales revenue of -1.82%, but one of the lowest positive growth rates of total profit over the last 6 years is 1.79%.