China. New 500 ml volume Snow Beer instead of 580 ml

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On 27 May, it became known that the usual «big green stick» bottle of Snow Beer of 580 ml was substituted by a new pack of 500 ml. A row of supermarkets practically do not propose beer in the old pack any more as it was replaced by half-liter bottle which has already become standard.

20 years ago, old Snow Beer was bottled in 640 ml pack. With the course of time, the bottle was reducing till it could contain only 580 ml of beer. In 2016, the pack has shrunk even further, having reached the volume 500 ml.

The reduction of the beer bottle was connected not to historical peculiarities but to the market necessity. According to China Resources Snow Beer factory representative, market researches showed that 500 ml beer bottles are preferable for the mass consumer. In order to meet the drinking habits of the consumers and satisfy the market demand the company launched the new pack.

Thus, beer lovers can only get nostalgic about the original “big stick” bottle.

We should note that the 14% volume decrease can stay unnoticed for beer consumers, but give Snow Beer scope for price competition.