Ukraine. “Lvivske Zhyve” (Live) is now poured into PET bottles

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“Lvivske Zhyve” (Live) which appeared on the market last July is available in PET bottles of 1 liter since March 2011. “Lvivske Zhyve” (Live) in the new packaging is sold all over Ukraine. The retail average price of 1 liter PET bottle makes up 7.62 UAH according to the price analysis in March.
At present the segment of live beer in the Ukrainian market is developing actively. Release of “Zhyve” (Live) in polyethylene bottles is caused not only by the brand’s popularity but also by the consumers’ preferences. The Ukrainian beer fans have long appreciated the advantages of a PET bottle because of its practical characteristics — impact resistance, high volume, convenience of transportation and light weight.
“Lvivske Zhyve” (Live) appeared on the Ukrainian market in summer 2010 and has gained recognition of the fans of unpasteurized live beer for a short period of time. According to AC Nielsen, from July to December 2010 the new type reached 0.55% share of the beer market. “Lvivske Zhyve” (Live) is distinguished from other beers by special production technology which allows keeping primary taste and aroma of the live beer. Peculiarity of this beer type is the absence of pasteurization and as a consequence the short shelf life — 30 days at standard temperature.
The new type is a result of the long-term work of technologists and brewers of the company — “live” beer has a relatively long shelf life which was achieved by a combination of the Lviv brewers’ ancient traditions and the use of modern production technologies.