Carlsberg Ukraine has become an importer of the German Pilsner Warsteiner

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On November 18, 2011 Carlsberg Ukraine and Warsteiner Group, the German beer producer, have signed an agreement on distribution of the world famous beer brands Warsteiner Premium Verum and Warsteiner Premium Fresh in Ukraine.

The new international agreement will give Carlsberg Ukraine a chance to strengthen its positions in premium segment which is already presented by such trademarks as Carlsberg, Tuborg, Zatecky Gus, Corona Extra, Negra Modelo, Guinness, Kilkenny, Harp.

Imported beer will be brewed at Warsteiner Brauerei brewery in Warstein (Germany), supplied to Ukraine in tank containers on special beer tanker, which belongs to producer. On-site beer will be bottled at Carlsberg Ukraine Kyiv and Lviv Breweries under control of master of brewer from Warsteiner Group.

Warsteiner beer is a classical pilsner of golden yellow colour and it is recognized as the most popular German beer in Europe. Warsteiner beer is brewed by low fermentation method with adding highly valued local hop.

Premium Verum brand is known for its delicate, rich and refreshing flavour with a light taste of bitterness, the alcohol content is no less than 4.8% and its density is 11.6%. In Ukraine sort will be presented in a bottles 0.33l, cans 0.5l and kegs.

Premium Fresh brand is alcohol free. Its distinctive feature is amazingly fresh flavored aroma, rich light amber color and hop bitterness so typical for Warsteiner beer. This beer brand is named Fresh due to its unusually fresh taste. At Ukrainian beer market Warsteiner Premium Fresh will be sold in bottles 0.33l.

Peter Chernyshov, Chief Executive at Carlsberg Ukraine: “Ukraine is the second largest beer market in Eastern Europe and for Warsteiner Group it is important to have here a partner with a good distribution network and market positions. Beer will be brewed only at domestic brewery of the company in Germany in Warstein (North Rhine-Westphalia). We plan to work together on marketing and trademark promotion.”

It should be noted that according to data of the retail audit AC Nielsen for 9 months of 2011 an imported beer segment in Ukraine has grown up to 53 % by volume and up to 56 % by value in comparison to 2010.