Ukraine. Carlsberg beer will appear in «football uniform»

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In the beginning of December, Carlsberg beer will appear in retail in the new packaging of Limited Edition EURO 2012. The unusual design of cans and bottles, which looks like a football pitch, was created just for the upcoming championship and symbolizes the global partnership of the brand and EURO, which has been lasting since 1988.

1201_carlsberg_new_packBright visualisation of packing was developed just for the European football championship UEFA EURO 2012. In stylistics of grassy covering of a football ground where the paint, designating a marking of a platform, logo of ТМ Carlsberg traces on bottles of 0,3 l. and 0,5 l. volume, and also 0,5 l cans. The given decision will visually show consumers the connection of the Europeanмtournament and the international brand.

Beer in «football uniform» will appear on sale already in the beginning of December. It is planned that beer will be bottled in new packing at Carlsberg Ukraine factory in Kiev.

Alla Sidorenko, leading brand-manager of ТМ Carlsberg at Carlsberg Ukraine: «Such decoration will be applied for the first time in all the history of Carlsberg and EURO partnership.Through new design of packing we wanted to impart the basic message: ТМ Carlsberg is the most football beer all over the world».

Let us remind that Carlsberg became official beer of EURO-championships for the first time in 1988. The European championship on football EURO 2012™ will become the seventh tournament, which will be held under Carlsberg’s support, and for the first time it, will take place in Poland and Ukraine.