Ukraine. Obolon starts exporting beer to China

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In November 2011 Obolon Corporation started exporting beer to China.

Beer supplies to China are carried by sea – from Kyiv via Odessa and the Indian Ocean. Obolon-brand products will be sold in the Wal-Mart retail chain of stores, in hotels and restaurants of the largest cities in China. The average price of a 0.5-liter Obolon beer bottle in a store will start from CNY 20 ($3.14).

According to research companies, China consumes more than a quarter of beer produced in the world. However, the consumption rate lags well behind Czech Republic, Germany and Belgium. Last year the average citizen of China consumed 35 liters of beer, the Ukrainian – 58L. and the German – 107L. Beer market in China is in the active stage of formation, which is a favorable condition for the further establishment of Obolon Corporation export program .

Sergiy Kravets, the director for foreign economic affairs at Obolon Corporation:
“The Chinese beer market annually grows by over 10% due to economic growth and the increase in living standards. Now foreign companies are free to enter the market of this country. The first negotiations on the future cooperation with the eastern partners were held at the SIALChina2010 international exhibition in Shanghai. They are resulted in conducting a contract to supply our beer”