Baltika No. 7 Export: the only russian beer available at the famous JD Wetherspoon pub chain in Britain

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Baltika No. 7, the flagship beer of Russia’s number one brewery, has been added to the beer list of all 846 pubs and restaurants in the legendary British J D Wetherspoon chain, including the famous Lloyds No. 1 bars. Baltika No. 7 took part in the World Number Ones programme, which was aimed at introducing the people of Albion to beer brands from every corner of the world.

Baltika Breweries, the Russian arm of global brewing giant, Carlsberg, is taking advantage of the growth in popularity of world beers and No. 7 will be one of the few genuine imported Russian lagers available in the UK. No. 7 bolsters Carlsberg UK’s other world lager beers including San Miguel, Tuborg and Staropramen.

Isaaс Sheps, CEO of Baltika Breweries, Senior Vice President of Eastern European region, Carlsberg Group: “The World Beers segment in the UK is currently enjoying 14% growth against a declining market of -1%. Getting our beer on the bar of the legendary J D Wetherspoon chain gives us a great opportunity to introduce our Baltika brand to beer lovers across the country, which can only mean good things for Baltika’s British sales”.

Baltika Breweries’ products are currently available in all major cities of UK. The average consumers are locals aged 25 to 35, who drink imported beer and thirst for new tastes. Baltika No. 7 is currently the only beer on the British market produced and supplied by Baltika Brewery in St. Petersburg. UK sales and promotion of this famous Russian beer are handled by Carlsberg UK.