China. Second tier brands are moving into the high-end segment

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2015 was not easy for the Chinese brewing industry. Beer sales continued to fall, and imported beer became more popular.

Import growth is not the only thing that concerns Chinese brewers. 70% of the beer market in China accounts for 5 major brands such as Snow, Tsingtao, Yanjing Beer, Budweiser and Carlsberg. The second tier brands bring losses and are on the verge of survival, Guangdong Express Media writes.

However, the problems of Pearl River beer, Venus beer, Kingway, Henan Jinxing, Guangzhou Zhujiang are not only in bad weather and economic situation of the country.

The growth of imports and the change of beer drinkers generation have brought a change in their preferences. More and more people are more likely to buy high-quality products of the premium segment.

Zhujiang Beer has realized it and focused on product quality and brand positioning. In 2015, the operating profit of Zhujiang Beer grew by 4.67% and reached 6,176.95 million yuan. Despite a slight decline in profit margins, this result already shows a good position of the company in Guangdong province and the increase in the brand strength in China.