China. What brands are more appreciated in the beer market?

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On 24 March, the Xinhua News Agency released an annual report “Food Brand Reputation 2015”. Tsingtao Beer, Snow Beer and Yanjing received the highest index IWOM among beer brands.

A beer brand IWOM index consists of 6 major degrees: brand awareness, consumer performance, quality distribution, the company’s reputation, brand recognition and brand health check.

Due to a continued presence in the market, brand awareness index for Tsingtao Beer (7.78), Yanjing (6.66) and Snow Beer (5.9) is the highest in the country. Five brands: Tsingtao, Carlsberg, Heineken, Yanjing and Snow Beer are the leaders by consumer performance index. For Budweiser, Harbin and Zhujiang Beer, this index was low. They need to pay more attention to feedback from customers to better satisfy their needs.

Yanjing, Heineken and Kirin received the highest recognition, but a brand performance index of Budweiser, Harbin and Carlsberg was unsatisfactory.

Tsingtao Brewery and Snow beer are the brands with good corporate reputation, but they are susceptible to the negative impact of information distributed about them in the press. The manufacturers can shape the brand image using SMM due to the growing importance of the Internet for promoting the products.