Beer Tubes Credited with Boosting Draft Sales

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Two keys to a successful bar business are driving traffic and increasing sales of high margin drinks, like draft beer. Bar and restaurant owners are finding the answer to both in Beer Tubes beverage dispensers. Beer Tubes were conceived as a “fun way to drink draft beer,” and while the fun aspect is still there, Beer Tubes have developed into a sales booster for bar businesses worldwide, getting credit for increased draft beer sales and sparking the “Beer Tubes Experience” – the chain-reaction that sweeps through the bar when the first Tube is carried to a table.

“Beer Tubes have helped increase our draft beer sales,” said Robert Snelson, owner of Wings-N-More in Houston, TX. “The guest reaction is always fun to watch. When a Tube is delivered to a table other patrons immediately take notice, and others order one as well.”

David Pascual, brewmaster at the Chicago Brewing Company in Las Vegas, agrees. “It’s like the bar begins to sprout Beer Tubes. The first Tube goes out and several tables follow suit. Customers seem to be intrigued by them, and that’s been reflected in our sales – we’re currently up 13.6 percent in beer production over last year.”

Created in 2005 by entrepreneurs David Stein and Jason Drum, Beer Tubes took the “beer tower” concept to the next level, placing the tube in a sports-themed base and increasing the quality of the tube components. The original design was set in a bowling ball base, and the clear 100-ounce dispensers are now available in more than 25 base designs, including patented football helmet, basketball, baseball and hockey.

The company recently debuted a new racing helmet base for motor racing fans and the establishments that cater to them. Further evolution, and popularity of the initial designs, led to production of customized conic wrap bases, allowing bars and restaurants to order Beer Tubes with branded messaging and graphics that can be 360 degrees around the base in full color. “We’re continually looking at adding new base designs as well as giving our customers the flexibility to use the Beer Tubes for their own branding,” said Stein.

Beer Tubes, made of state-of-the-art BPA-free Eastman Tritan co-polyester, keep beverages cold longer than pitchers and allow patrons to serve themselves at their table. A 128-ounce Super Tube is also available. The simple three-piece design of Beer Tubes (tube, base, tap) makes them easy to fill, clean and maintain, and the parts are all modular – all tubes fit all bases and all taps fit all tubes. The company has developed a complete “system” for bars using Beer Tubes, including specially formulated cleaning powder, brushes and drying racks, making it easy for them to implement and maintain a Beer Tubes program. (more…)

APB Increases brewing capacity in Vietnam for further growth

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Expands brewery capacity in Vietnam by over 25%
Brewery in Ho Chi Minh City, already the Group’s largest brewery in Vietnam, will add another 1.4 million hectolitres in capacity
Aligns with vision to be the most responsible brewery group in Vietnam
On going expansion programmes to breweries in Danang and Hanoi. (more…)

SABMiller plc announced annual results for fiscal year 2011. The group’s Ukrainian subsidiary showed excellent volume growth.

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On 19 May in London, SABMiller plc, one of the world’s leading brewers with operations and distribution agreements across six continents, reported its preliminary (unaudited) results for the year ended 31 March 2011. SABMiller’s Ukrainian operation, Miller Brands Ukraine demonstrated excellent volume growth, achieving the 2nd highest growth rate within SABMiller’s European division. (more…)

Ukraine. “Slavutich” is going to invest more than 400 million UAH in the company’s development

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On April 28, 2011 the general meeting of shareholders of the Public Joint-Stock Company Slavutich Brewery took place. During the meeting, the annual report was approved, it was decided to allocate profits and losses and organizational issues in the company’s activities were settled. The meeting was attended by 20 shareholders and their representatives who hold 94.33% shares of PJSC. (more…)

The Brewing Organic Beer Market

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America’s craft beer market has grown rapidly in recent years, seemingly outpaced only by its niche organic segment, thanks in part to growing consumer fears about genetically modified foods. While a few of the largest regional breweries currently enjoy widespread distribution, craft brewing remains fundamentally an industry devoted to its local followers, and the results are undeniable. (more…)

Carlsberg CEO downplays threat of Russian PET beer bottle ban

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The head of Carlsberg has downplayed a proposed ban on PET beer bottles in Russia, adding that he thinks it is not likely to become law.
Russian deputy Viktor Zvagelsky introduced a bill earlier in the year that now includes a proposal to ban sales of PET beer bottles by January 1, 2013. (more…)