US. Big Boss Brewing expands capacity

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Big Boss Brewing is doubling its brewing capacity by adding tanks and equipment to its Raleigh brewery. The expansion will allow Big Boss to offer more bottled beers and expand its distribution territory this year. (more…)

US. Indy Brewer Expands South

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Indianapolis-based Sun King Brewing Co. will begin offering its products to the Bloomington area starting in April. The expansion comes after the company last year invested in a new 30-barrel system at its Indianapolis brewery. (more…)

Walgreens Sells Private-Label Beer

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Walgreen Co. has rolled out a private-label beer, branded Big Flats 1901 to more than 4,600 of its 7,655 stores nationwide. (more…)

The public image: Heineken

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Humour and socialising feature heavily in Heineken ad campaigns, as they do in much beer marketing. The latest campaign from the Dutch beer company continues on the humour theme but adds in a satisfying cantankerous edge. By claiming that Heineken has been “social networking since 1873”, it dismisses, or implausibly claims for itself, one of the big business fads of the past few years. (more…)

Pacific Breweries – Ready, steady, go – the Bluetongue Brewery

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The new Bluetongue Brewery is a multi-brand plant. In the future, the SABMiller Global Premium brands such as Peroni, Grolsch and Miller Genuine Draft will also be brewed here and the plant flexibility allows a wide range of other brands to augment the portfolio. (more…)

US: Heineken launches new beer can

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Heineken said today (31 January) that its new 6oz and 12oz cans will launch in the US in February. A 24oz can will launch this summer. (more…)