Beer Business #4-2021. Poland beer market analysis

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Beer Business #3-2021. Russian beer market. Beer market of Ukraine.

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In 2021 Russian breweries have not lost their consumers, it even turned out that they started drinking more beer at home and more often. The market has held the high bar of the previous season, yet now it is growing by value and polarizing by price segments. The competition in the market has been determined by Carlsberg Group (that has regained its volumes, having sacrificed the margin) as well by rapidly growing private labels and import. In those conditions, AB InBev Efes and MBC demonstrated a good stability, while Heineken was reluctant to lose profitability and lost some of its share. The regional breweries in the east of the country also yielded their positions. 


Beer Business #2-2021. Kazakhstan beer market: bigger, more complex and more expensive

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Kazakhstan beer market is still growing by volume and value. The consumers’ demands are gradually becoming more complex, there is the market polarization by price and taste segments as license, canned, strong and mild beer popularity is growing. Eye catching new products have a big impact on companies’ positions in the situation of limited advertising. Following sizable investments into Carlsberg Kazakhstan and considerable increase in the company market share, there has been a balance settled between the leaders in retail sales and the share of Perviy pivzavod has grown.


Beer Business #1-2021. Ubrew – Catalogue of Ukrainian breweries

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The catalogue of Ukrainian breweries contains 251 producers ranging from transnational groups to craft and restaurant breweries. In the catalogue we have combined open official data, information from social networks and where possible, from brewers themselves.

The previous “census” was made by us in 2011-2012. So, what has changed over the recent ten years and what trends can be currently seen?


Beer Business #4-2020. Russia: regional beer markets

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In the seven regions of Russia we have analyzed:

  • the share of companies of various scales – from federal breweries to minibreweries
  • popularity of brands (license, national and regional);
  • market segmentations by price;
  • the dynamics of output, sales and prices

Beer Business #2-2020. 2020 what’s new?

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Russian beer market 2020 1) The market positions of the major companies and brands in the first half of 2020; 2) Production structure – from craft to federal breweries; 3) The market segmentation by the price and package. In 2020, the roles of sale channels have changed especially at the draft beer market. The relations with networks have been determined by brewers’ market share fluctuations. The official production and sales have been growing despite substantial decline in Heineken, Zavod Trekhsosenskiy, Ochakovo, and key regional breweries. Instead, the retail positions of AB InBev, small brewers, import and private labels have reinforced their positions. Ukrainian beer market 2020 The natural volumes of beer production and sales have remained almost unchanged, yet in monetary terms the market stopped growing because of promotions and inexpensive brands growth. Unstable retail operation as well as COVID-adjusted behavior of consumers had different impacts on brewers. Yet in general, the negative effect was inverse to the scale of their activity. Thus, the leading threesome kept stable due to mass inflow of beer lovers to supermarkets. As the situation was difficult to foresee, the output dynamics of certain companies seriously differed from their sales in retail. The leaders’ positions were…

Beer Business #1-2020. Russian beer producers (catalogue/database)

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“Catalogue of Russian Beer Producers 2020” includes 1285 businesses ranging from large subsidiaries of international companies to rather small restaurant and craft breweries.

This issue has 171 more breweries compared to 2018 (155 business have been excluded and 326 have been included).

Starting from 2019, FTS has been publishing data on excise payments by brewers (delayed by 1.5 years), that can be translated into beer equivalent for most of producers.

Depending on the volumes, we ranked the brewers that provided information by 6 groups (see pic.). At one end of the production spectrum there are 2/3 of breweries outputting less than 10 thousand decaliters. Their net share amounts to as little as 0.2% of the total beer output volume. On the other end there are 6 federal groups accounting for almost 80%. (more…)

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #4-2019

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Dmitry Nekrasov’s Philosophy — on the Past, Present and Future of Ukrainian Brewing Industry A meeting with Dmitry Nekrasov always turns into a training course: “Introduction to brewing business“. We are talking to a clever “playing trainer“ a person that can be called a godfather of the Ukrainian craft. He has a dozen of successful projects to his name. Dmitry told us about craft beer in Ukraine, on market cycles, on specifity of operating in retail and HoReCa, on union of Ukrainian brewers and certainly, how a brewery of his own, First Dnipro Brewery is doing. The market of import beer in Russia: review and databases The market of import beer is rapidly growing and changing. But while in the past years it was growing due to brands variety, in 2019 major and affordable brands from TOP-10 were developing actively. It seems that the fact of a brand origin from far abroad counties, even if it is not well known but has moderate price and good distribution provides for million liters of sales in the territory of Russia. Among distributors AB InBev Efes was far behind, yet the role of Baltika and suppliers of the second row got more important. The…

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #3-2019

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Russia: Positions of Brewing Companies The review contains an analysis of interim performance of brewers in the first half of 2019. There are rather dynamic changes behind a modest industry growth. Baltika is again experiencing a stage of volumes and market share slid due to competition with AB InBev Efes. Because of the price competition and presence expansion in the modern trade company #2. has come close to the leading position. At the same time sales of Heineken Russia have continued growing which makes the premium part of the portfolio heavier. The market premiumization trend had been also confirmed by import brands. MBC and Zavod Trekhsosenskiy have been the most successful among federal market players. The market share of independent regional brewers and Ochakovo have continued falling as they are being squeezed out by the market leaders at their competitive fields. Ukrainian beer market 2019: companies and brands In 2019 beer production and market have been still fluctuating about zero point. However, the past season was successful for brewers judging by the sales profitability. The price mix has improved due to rapid general market premiumization, as well as its particular aspect, the growth of import beer sales. By the season end…