Beer market of Vietnam: “Young tiger”

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Vietnam is one of the few big beer markets that continue to grow steadily. The beer popularity results from its low price, street consumption culture, and social motives. The outlooks of beer market as well as the Vietnamese economy inspire optimism, though the country is heavily dependent on export of goods. The state regulation can be called liberal, but the key risk for brewers is harbored in intensive rising of excise. Within TOP-4 there are two leaders, Sabeco and Heineken that grow at the fastest rates. The first company effectively employs its capacities, the second one focuses on marketing technologies. Almost 80% of the market belongs to century-old brands, yet the middle class and the youth are shifting their interest toward international premium that is growing taking share from the mainstream.

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #4-2016

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Analysis of beer market in China (on Russian) Beer market of Ukraine: big three losing weight In 2016, fast increase of excises and resulting price spike stood in the way of the beer market stabilization. Most of competition (as well as mass sorts) moved to the economy segment of the market. The biggest losses were incurred by the leading three, especially Obolon, which again experienced pressure after reallocation of Efes market share. However, one should already speak of TOP-4. Group Oasis CIS (PPB) became a strong player and competitor to transnational companies. Besides the net sales of many regional medium breweries look rather good and 16-fold cost reduction wholesale trade license for craft brewers opens up a possibility of rapid growth in 2017.

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #3-2016

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Beer market of Russia, 2016. Balance found? About zero Beer market trends The leading companies’ positions Beer consumption Import beer market in Russia, 2016 Geography Leading distributors and brands

Beer Business Asia #2-2016

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Analysis of beer market in China

China’s transition to a “new normal” reality backfired on the brewing industry unexpectedly. Stagnation and subsequent market decline resulted from dynamic social and economic changes. There has emerged a “two speed” market where the medium class significance is growing, yet the share of main beer consumers, “blue collar” is decreasing. Also the inflow of consumers is shrinking, as demographics stopped being a growth driver. Finally, beer is giving way to other alcohol drinks.


Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #2-2016

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“Catalogue of Russian Beer Producers 2016” (database) includes 861 businesses ranging from large subsidiaries of international companies to rather small restaurant and craft breweries.


Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #1-2016

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Kazakhstan beer market analysis On production officially On import unofficially Market segmentation Brewing companies and brands Efes Kazakhstan Carlsberg Kazakhstan Perviy Pivzavod (Oasis CIS) Regional producers Belarus beer market analysis Briefly on the market Companies and brands in 2015 Krinitsa Olivaria (Carlsberg Group) Lidskoe pivo (Olvi) Heineken Import beer in Belarus Beer export from Belarus Malt production

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #4-2015

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Analysis of the beer market in the regions of Russia in 2015 Development of regional breweries: Zhigulevskoe vs Zhigulevskoe Development of small brewing: great results and vague prospects Positions of brewers in the regions Beer market of Ukraine 2015 Dynamics of production and the beer market Exports and imports Territories and volumes The positions of companies and brands: Chernigovskoe vs Lvovskoe

Beer Business Asia #3-2015

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Analysis of beer market in India Indian beer market in figures Who and how drinks beer in India Expensive and hard-to-get Premarital ties Religion and philosophy 29 markets with their own rules Seasonal factor Raw material base Foreign trade Leading companies   United Breweries (Heineken)   SABMiller India   Carlsberg India   Mohan Meakin   SOM Distilleries and Breweries   Molson Coors (Cobra Beer)   AB InBev Indian craft The beer market of Russia: from transnational to national The results of the first half of 2015 Where does beer flow? Modern trade Specialized retail Trends on Russian beer market Where do the market leaders move? Carlsberg Group Efes Breweries International Heineken AB InBev

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #2-2015

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Beer keg market Kegs in brief Leaders in keg production World draft beer market Secondary market Keg price Draft beer and keg market in Russia Market structure Analysis of keg import to Russia Russian craft? Conditions for craft beer expansion Niche for craft beer in Russia How many small brewers are there in Russia? “Small” does not equal “craft”

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #1-2015

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What is left after foam collapse? Changes on the beer market in Russia 2000-2014 Beer market in 2014 Economy vs state regulation Recession demographics More money, more beer? Motives for beer consumption Who drinks, what is drunk "Collective alcoholic" Decline of beer status in Russia Beer during crisis Money for beer Unconcerned unemployed Beer and labor