Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #4-2009

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Small brewing scale Mini-breweries account for about 0.8% of Russian beer production, restaurant breweries – for about 0.2%. Do we really have to consider such a small market segment? Yes we do, since the customers are gaining distinct interest for natural, draught and original. In case minibreweries focus on these qualities of the production and encourage beer patriotism. they will be able to compete with the federal companies. Certainly only provided the latter do not do the same thing. Read this article (with Google translator) The leading producers of the mini breweries (read with Google translator) Vasileostrovskaya brewery (read with Google translator) Admiral Kolchak  (read with Google translator)

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #3-2009

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Russia: results of 2008, trends of 2009 The brewing industry and market continue growing, in spite of the consumption decline. During the first half year the market has grown by 8-10% in monetary terms and can reach the level of 500,000 mln. ruble by the end of the year. The ruble stabilization and malt price fall are to positively effect the companies’ profitability. Besides, the market leaders worked hard at costs cutting, developing the resource base and optimizing production and logistics. Since the year start, Efes and «Baltika» have been showing the best dynamics. But unlike the past years, only regional breweries can boast of beer output growth. Read this article Ukraine: market structure Early in 2008 there were expectations of beer market moderate growth while its development tendencies were quite positive but the year ended with decline and instability. The turning period for the whole Ukrainian economy “October-November” 2008 has changed the trends which had existed previously. We analyzed all the aspects of market development and companies’ competitive positions before and after the economy crisis onset. Read this article Belarus: investments into the perspective In spite of the serious setback of production, a row of companies managed to succeed at…

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #2-2009

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Russia: malt production and market For the first time in many years malt production is falling in Russia. The resource base has been dynamically developing since the middle of the 90-ies. But the malt deficit was satisfies only by the end of 2007, when malt production grew by 26%. This year can also be considered the most successful one both for breweries and malt producers by volume market growth volume. May 2008 was the turning point, as it became obvious that the current resource supply is more than enough to satisfy the demand. There began the first decline in malt production. Read this article (with Google translator) Ukraine beer market 2008 Within the past five years Ukraine beer market has been exhibiting quite a robust development dynamics. Its annual growth rate left behind not only the saturated market of developed countries but also exceeded the largest in the Eastern region Russian market. However in 2008 the dynamics which had been considered predictable changed. Read this article (with Google translator) The favorite brands of young Russians In spring 2009 company Profi Online Research found out about the favorite brands of young Russians among those presented on the beer market. In the research…

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #1-2009

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Production and market of beer in Russia 2008 The situation in the industry and beer market has been unstable for three years already. After a dynamic growth in 2006-2007 years, the year 2008 brought about stagnation for beer consumption and production in Russia. The previous year was a succession of problems. In particular the leap of producers’ sales prices (who had several objective reasons), poor weather and the economic crisis stood in the way of gradual leveling of market development rates. Read this article   (with Google translator) Kyrgyzstan: perspectives of the branch and market Beer production and market in Kyrgyzstan Republic is forming and has a big development potential. This is confirmed by comparatively low consumption per capita and substantial share of inexpensive beer in the overall sales volumes. Currently Kyrgyzstan market is dominated by Russian and Kazakh companies, and in the past year import supply growth amounted to 26% in money terms. However the local brewers manage to modernize production, develop profitable market segments and prepare for expansion into the perspective regions of the country. Read this article   (with Google translator) Moscow Brewing Company: plant for distributor Detroit Investment fund has always been successful, both at beer market operation and…