Heineken launches Offer for remaining APB Shares

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Heineken N.V. today announced that Heineken International B.V. (‘HIBV’) has launched a mandatory unconditional cash offer (the ‘Offer’) for all the 12,127,715 issued and paid-up ordinary shares in the capital of Asia Pacific Breweries Limited (‘APB’), representing approximately 4.7% of APB’s issued share capital, which are not already owned or controlled by HIBV as at the date of the Offer. (more…)

US. Is Boston Beer About to Get Squeezed?

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Craft brewers have been eating Anheuser-Busch InBev?’s (NYSE: BUD) lunch in recent years. While overall beer consumption in the U.S. shrank each year from 2008 to 2011, craft beer sales grew by 15 percent last year. (more…)

Heineken USA appoints new advertising agencies

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Beer importer Heineken USA has appointed Zambezi and Edelman as the advertising agencies of record for Strongbow cider and Heineken Light as well as Amstel Light brands respectively. (more…)

Taste the difference: Microbrews on the march

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Major breweries are battling for market share as the taste for “quality” beer takes hold in supermarkets and pubs. Geoff Cumming follows the consumer-led revolution. (more…)