SABMiller keen to foster relationships with retailers

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SABMILLER will work quickly to repair the prickly relationship between Foster’s and its two biggest customers, supermarkets Coles and Woolworths, pushing for a collaborative approach to kick-start stalled growth in the beer category rather than relying on heavy price discounting to drive sales that can prove unprofitable. (more…)

Resilient European brewing sector hit by recession but fighting back

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A new report shows that more than a quarter of a million jobs have been lost in two years as a result of the growing tax burden and impact of the economic crisis on beer, damaging the European economy as a whole. Although there are signs that the downward trend slowed in 2010, appropriate support from governments and policy makers is needed, the Brewers of Europe communicated on Thursday. (more…)

Ethiopia’s beer market promises to be of a different mould

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The last of Ethiopia’s government owned brewery ‘meta’, (which was also the crown jewel) was sold to ‘Diageo’, a company that is big in booze. Besides its varied businesses, spirits, etc, it also owns ‘Guinness’, an entity that is big in beer. Its presence in Africa, particularly in this part (East African Community) is quite formidable. The Kenyan beer market is fully monopolized by its operating arm- ‘East African Breweries’, bottler of brands like, ‘Tusker’, ‘White Cap’, etc. Like many African states, the Ethiopian state has now exited the lucrative beer business. Africa’s beer market is one of the fastest, if not the fastest growing in the world. If the beer market is blessed with profitability and growth, how come it was targeted for privatization? (more…)

EU Court: AB InBev, Budvar Can Both Use Budweiser Trademark

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Beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev NV (BUD) and smaller Czech rival Budejovicky Budvar can both use ‘Budweiser’ as a trademark in the U.K., Europe’s highest court ruled Thursday, in the latest round of a long-running feud over the rights to the Budweiser name. (more…)

Recommended Proposal to Acquire Foster’s at A$5.10 per share

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SABMiller plc (“SABMiller”) announces that it has agreed with Foster’s Group Limited (“Foster’s”) a recommended cash offer to Foster’s shareholders at A$5.10 per share (see endnote 1), which values Foster’s equity at approximately A$9.9 billion. (more…)

Carlsberg Elephant enters into Indian market

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Carlsberg India, the Indian subsidiary of Danish brewer Carlsberg Group, has rolled out the company’s super premium strong pilsner brand, Carlsberg Elephant, into the Indian market. (more…)