Nippon malt

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You would think that when it comes to Japanese alcoholic beverages, the more traditional sake would be the first one I wrote about here. But no, after sampling some of its finest whiskies some columns back, I found myself once more trying out a non-sake Japanese product – beer this time. (more…)

Asahi drops out of Foster’s beer race

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Japanese beverage giant Asahi Breweries has taken itself out of the running to buy Foster’s beer arm in the lead up to the historic $11 billion demerger of the Australian brewer. (more…)

This new Bud’s for you – only it’s an American ale

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The beer world is always changing, with new brands coming on the market and big breweries merging with others. But few beer icons have remained as constant as classic Budweiser lager. Original Bud and its sibling Bud Light remain the world’s best-selling beers. Those beers serve a huge market, and the Bud name is the most precious asset of Anheuser-Busch. (more…)

Brewers Association revises ‘craft brewer’ definition

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The Brewers Association, Boulder, Colo., announced its board of directors voted to change its definition of “craft brewer.” The term “craft brewer” now includes any independent brewery that produces up to 6 million barrels of traditional beer. (more…)