Pacific Breweries – Ready, steady, go – the Bluetongue Brewery

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The new Bluetongue Brewery is a multi-brand plant. In the future, the SABMiller Global Premium brands such as Peroni, Grolsch and Miller Genuine Draft will also be brewed here and the plant flexibility allows a wide range of other brands to augment the portfolio. (more…)

US: Heineken launches new beer can

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Heineken said today (31 January) that its new 6oz and 12oz cans will launch in the US in February. A 24oz can will launch this summer. (more…)

Heineken NV Acquires Five Breweries

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Group Business Editor, ROTIMI DUROJAIYE, examines the enormous growth potential in the Nigerian beer market, and why the country is fingered as the beer market by some of the world’s brewing giants. Netherlands-based Heineken NV, one of the world’s largest brewers of alcoholic beverages, among others, and parent company of Nigerian Breweries (NB) Plc, recently announced the acquisition of five brewing plants across Nigeria. (more…)

Suntory seeks to boost sales in China to Y100 bil

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Beverage maker Suntory Holdings Ltd will seek to boost annual sales in China to 100 billion yen from the current 30 billion yen by stepping up marketing of vintage wines, health foods and other high-quality products for wealthy Chinese. (more…)

Microbreweries turning from glass to metal

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Baxter Brewing in Maine has joined a growing number of small craft-beer breweries distributing their brews in cans — just like mainstream mass-produced beers — rather than in bottles. A decade ago, it’s believed there weren’t any U.S. craft breweries canning their suds. Nowadays, nearly 100 sell at least one beer variety in metal. (more…)

US. Demand For Craft Beer Boosts Local Brewery

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Demand for locally-produced beer is growing across the country, and here in the Mid-South it’s fueling the expansion of a brewery in Memphis.
“We need to increase our refrigeration space, and increase our production capabilities in terms of extra boilers, more fermentation tanks, so we have more time and space to age the beers,” said Chuck Skypeck, founding partner of Ghost River Brewing. (more…)