Beviale Family to collaborate with Doemens and VLB Berlin

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As of now, NürnbergMesse Group is collaborating with Doemens Akademie in Gräfelfing near Munich and VLB (Research and Teaching Institute for Brewing) in Berlin. The Beviale Family – which includes the events BrauBeviale, Beviale Moscow, CRAFT BEER ITALY, CRAFT BEER CHINA and Feira Brasileira da Cerveja – will now benefit from a framework agreement on international collaboration signed by NürnbergMesse, Doemens and VLB Berlin during the premiere of CRAFT BEER ITALY. (more…)

Home&Craft goes to Stralsund

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The “Home&Craft” section at drinktec, introduced with great success in 2017, is now to be a separate exhibition. (more…)

OMNIUM changes everything

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With OMNIUM by ZIEMANN®, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA GmbH has developed a novel brewing process for the international brewing industry, which is consequently based on the latest product innovation NESSIE by ZIEMANN®. NESSIE is revolutionizing the conventional lautering process by means of a continuous separation and extraction of the mash. With OMNIUM, the brewhouse tasks are divided into subprocesses, which are treated individually and, by subsequently combining partial flows, finally completed in an optimal way. As a result, significantly shorter process times and higher raw material yields can be achieved. The process has a positive impact on the quality parameters of the wort. In addition, the fermentation can be accelerated, leading to increased brewhouse and cellar capacities. (more…)

Karmeliten Brauerei wins the Handelsblatt Energy Award

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The concept of an energy self-sufficient brewery was awarded with the Handelsblatt Energy Award in Berlin. In the category ‘Industry’, the Karmeliten Brauerei convinced the Energy Academy with the modular energy concept as a showcase for the energy turnaround. On the evening of September 28, 2017, the awards ceremony took place at the Museum of Communication in Berlin. (more…)

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #3-2017

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10+1 trends of Russian beer market 2015-2017 Despite of the moderately negative prognoses for 2017, the beer market can be stabilized soon. Yet the years of the negative dynamics have resulted in marketing being limited just to “optimization” and the art of balancing between price and volumes. Bigger supermarkets share means stronger trade marketing. These processes are connected to the majority of the described trends. At the same time, the federal brands inflation leads to searching for new tastes, sales channels and contact formats that expand the product range and diversify the beer market, but do not imply a substantial volume increase. Let us enumerate and further discuss the ten trends of the beer market we can see in 2015-2017 as well as the major event of 2017.  Beer market of Ukraine 2017 In the first half of 2017, the Ukrainian beer market goes on decreasing slowly. Yet, the companies manage to compensate their lost volumes by raising prices and improving the sales structures. This results in the mid price market segment reduction while the sales of premium brands are rising. These processes are connected to position strengthening of companies Carlsberg Group and Oasis and the market share reduction of Obolon.…