Kvass-Based Soft Drink Launching in U.S.

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Pure Ally is introducing Kwass’Up, a malted non-alcoholic beverage, to the U.S. market. Pure Ally says this unusual soft drink, made with only natural flavors, contains less sugar and calories than traditional sodas and sports drinks. “Kwass’Up has been described by testers as “far more refreshing” than typical soft drinks,” the company says. (more…)

US. Don’t let big brewers win beer wars

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Steve Hindy is co-founder, president and chairman of The Brooklyn Brewery. Brooklyn Brewery started in 1988 and is among America’s top 15 craft breweries. (more…)

US. Oskar Blues brewery opens in Brevard

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Oskar Blues Brewery, the first of three big national craft breweries coming to Western North Carolina, opened its new east coast expansion plant Wednesday in Brevard. Owner Dale Katechis talks about their plans. (more…)

US. Brewery Incubator Launches Brewpub Kickstarter

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Brewery Incubator, the beer pub project in the former Cafe Luz space downtown, launched its Kickstarter last night. Brewery Incubator is a collaborative business in which home brewers get access to commercial brewing equipment and a pub to sell their beer as a way to determine whether they’re ready to launch their own breweries. (more…)