Russia. The Communists decided to remove the red star from the Heineken logo

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Vadim Solovyev, the state Duma Deputy and chief lawyer of the CPRF, proposed to prohibit to use a five-pointed red star by foreign companies for their trademarks and logos. The corresponding appeal to the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev will be sent in the near future, the MP said to the «». (more…)

Mango lager? India’s thirst for craft beer grows

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India’s version of craft brewing is seeing scores of thirsty tipplers sample everything from coconut stout to mango lager, as tastes mature in a country that has traditionally only downed strong liquor “to get a kick”. (more…)

India. Bengalureans go for a ‘beer hug’ this summer

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With the mercury rising significantly this summer, beer consumption in Bengaluru has also shot up phenomenally.

This March, Bengalureans have guzzled 2.18 lakh litres of beer more than what it was in March 2015. (more…)

India. Going the extra mile to ensure patronage

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Licensees running bars in Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (Tasmac) liquor outlets are now in a compulsion to go the extra mile to sustain the existing patronage and to draw new customers. (more…)

India. Alcohol content in beer being altered ?

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Complaints have surfaced over the increasing percentage of alcohol used in beer supplied in the district.

Though the Excise department is yet to receive a written complaint, there is a possibility that alcohol content in beers is being increased to attract more customers. (more…)

India. Beer, wine units contribute Rs583 crore more revenue to Marathwada excise department this year

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Consecutive droughts in the parched Marathwada region seem to have had no effect on liquor manufacturers.

As many as 16 manufacturers, who are into the production of beer, country made and foreign liquor have contributed Rs 583 crore more in terms of revenue to the state excise department in 2015-16 as compared to the previous financial year. The units of all these manufacturers are spread over Aurangabad, Nanded and Osmanabad districts. (more…)

China. In 2015, Yanjing Beer sales fell by 9.23%

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In 2015, the sales of Yanjing Brewery Co, Ltd. amounted to 4.83 million thousand-litres, which is 9.23% less than last year.

Yanjing Beer recorded a sales volume of beer of 5.321 million thousand-litres for the year 2014. (more…)